WINNS stands for Werner,Iris,Ninni,Nora and the new boy Stormy
First trip for our Stormy to go with new co owners in the Rv.
And for Werner to show him himself .
First weekend 4/8Bremen Int dog show
Saturday C Syruph and Honey aska Nora BOB and C BrainStorm aska Stormy Winns a junior ticket and winns best in show terrier Junior!!!!
Great start!!!
Weekend nr 2 meant Ludwigshafen Int dog show
This was Stormys weekend the little guy 10 month old Winns BOB and the ticket.
And paces 2 in the terrier group!!
and C Dalwhinnie aska Iris ticket, ticket and CACIB!!!

Weekend nr 3 was in Leipzig Int dog show
Saturday was for shore Nora’s day ……
BOB and she also won the Terrier group!!!!!
Way to go team Winns and Swenja for showing her so well !!


On Sunday The little man Stormy did it agin beat he’s roommate and this time Ninni was showing him…… great Jobb Ninni!!
Iris wins again 2 tickets and a CACIB
Last weekend was Holland Rotterdam Int dog show
Stormy wins a big junior class
Nora did great and wins BOB and her last ticket to become a Duch champion !!!
This means that Nora got anew title NL CH
Iris is now also DE CH
And Stormy got he’s first titles DE JUG CH and DE JUG TE CH= German junior ch and junior terrier Ch
We aew ever so thankful for the way you guys present CAMERON where ever you go!!!!!

Team Winns on tour in Europe in aug

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