Yeas Duffys valpar är här !

C Rockferry min finaste ” Duffy
Duracellen kalaspuffen ” ja kärt barn har många namn har fått sin andra kull!
4 killar och 1 tik !
Allt gick mkt bra o jag är så lycklig !
Duffy är en fantastisk mamma på alla sätt!
Duffy got 4 boys and 1 girl !
Al is well and she is a great mum



Successful weekend in Malmö INT dogshow!

Al 6 entered Cameron dogs got exl with Champion quality.
Best in males did
3 BM C Delayed Devotion ” Noah”
4 BM C Brain Storm ”Stormy”
Best in females did
1 BB C Syruph and Honey ” Nora”
2 BB Mum C Hotlips ” Loppan ”

Our beautiful Annie C Animation 4 th in a big open cl

Lovely Nora!

Nora whent al the way to BOB !
BOS was Extras Esquire out of C Slitz so we keeps it in the family …..
Congrats to team WINNS for Nora’s BOB and owner Malin and breeder Nilla to Diesels BOS!
We also won BOB breeder and the breeder Judge Mr Branislav Rajic
was so impressed with the quality of wheatens in Sweden maid us al very proud!

From right Stormy,Noah,Loppan and Nora
The day ended in a BIG WAY BEST IN SHOW BREEDER!

Thanks to great friend for help to make this possible !